Wednesday, February 29

The Scholar | Magasinet för karriärmedvetna studenter

A new magazine growing from Sweden towards the UK and other countries. For young entrepreneurs and the student who wants to succeed in their careers. (There's a lovely fashion section in there worth checking out too ;) ).

Check out their website:

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Saturday, February 25

Japanese Strawberries

Easily the most delicious strawberries you'll ever taste in your life. Probably some of the most expensive too at about 4 USD a piece. They're quite big but it's difficult to see that in the picture.

Latest Creation

Mixed-breed Clydesdale tattoo concept for a lovely man of mine! I forgot my drawing tablet on the other side of the planet so drawing this with a mousepad proved quite challenging but I'm relatively pleased with the outcome considering.

Sunday, February 12

Oh China...

We all knew the Chinese are ahead in technology. Who would've thought they outdid Apple themselves!

Friday, February 10

Weather and Shopping!

What a great week of sunshine to look forward to!...

On a happier note, I got a couple new things from the wonderful Miss Sixty :). A quilted jacket and a black summer dress! I also got a top! New things always win.

Thursday, February 9


So now I've fallen back into my usual work routine after a long Christmas break. The weather has been gray and dreary since I arrived and doesn't show any signs of lifting. Fortunately my limited level of involvement with the weather makes me rather indifferent!
My mum and I took snapshots of most of our meals over the past few days. They were so artistic and delicious! It seemed worth documenting.

Prosciutto with melon and a lobster salad!

Cooked salmon wrapped in cabbage with a salmon mousse and creamy potatoes

Vegetable and meat dumplings with a vinegar dipping sauce

Penne pasta with parmesan, prosciutto, a cream sauce and a poached egg
(with my mother in the background :).)

After-lunch dessert! Raspberry marscapone cake, cream pastry and coffees!

Wednesday, February 8

Happy Year of the Dragon!

The decorations all around make it apparent to any ignorant foreigner that something is certainly happening around here. With the Chinese New Year celebrations coming to a close, the cities are decorated with lights and dragons, lanterns and traditional Chinese decor to celebrate the luckiest animal of the years, the dragon!

Giant lit dragon in The Venetian

Beautiful dragon (about 30 meters in length) in the MGM hung above a maze made of little pink flowers (each hour a dramatic light show took place around the dragon as well)

Little entrance dragons at the MGM

Saturday, February 4

Back in Macau

So after a month and a half lengthy Christmas/New Years vacation, I am finally back in China to work again. I didn't write much over the break as my days generally consisted of being lazy or snowboarding.
I have to say my trip here was quite eventful tho... we arrived at the airport with a rush, barely making it to the check-in counter an hour before my flight. I was told the cut-off time for baggage check-in was an hour before, so I asked her to rush it. When she checked me onto the flight she discovered I wasn't carrying a visa that permitted me to stay in China the length of 4 months (my return ticket is set for june 3rd), so I wasn't allowed on the plane... Despite that horrible misfortune, my mum and I made it to the Visa House before close and handed in an application with a visa to be readied by the next morning.
We spent our afternoon at RL (Ralph Lauren's restaurant in downtown Chicago) where we ate a variety of wonderful dishes. Afterwards we enjoyed Happy Hour at the Embassy Suites hotel and got a good night's sleep before the 15 hour flight that we took the next day (successfully) and arrived here!

Club sandwich and crab cake eggs benedict :)
Delicious crème brûlée with fruit!