Sunday, August 28


Been home for over a week now and loving it. I've gone out nearly every night except one or two. Spending time with old friends and making new one. I almost don't want to leave but nothing lasts I suppose. I've got less than two weeks left, and soon will have to start preparing for my long trip to China!

The company I'll be working for: Baleno

Thursday, August 25


Thought this plane was going to crash in my front yard (that's my chimney on the left). Too close for comfort...

Tuesday, August 23


Now arrived in america. The weather here is outstanding. Warm and sunny. Today there's a potential thunderstorms which I really only find quite exciting :). I've gotten to see my favourite beloved wonderful best friend and partied with her 3 nights in a row (first experiences in american bars!) Yes that has been quite interesting. Definitely nothing like the bars anywhere in Europe.
Aside from enjoying those aspects, I have been working on my 2012 fashion book for China! Yes spending 9 months working in China (Macau) as a fashion designer for a large Asian clothing company. I am very nervous. Perhaps I will start posting little tips on how to survive in China as I learn their culture :).

My work-in-progress book of fashion...heavy.

Thursday, August 11

New! :)

New dress and scarf! You can't see the detail but the dress has a lace over-lay on it. So cute :)

Last day....

Its my last day of work tomorrow. I can't believe it! Things really went by fast. I bought some Aladdin chocolates and a card as a gift :3 hopefully I won't eat them all before i lay them out hihi. Unfortunately moving out means packing up.. and that's never fun. Fortunately, I don't have a lot of things (minus the mounds of clothes of course) so it hasn't taken too long...
Next stop! US of A (in the near future... ^^)

Evening picture of my friend's lake <3

Sunday, August 7

Sista veckan!

I can't believe I've already been working for 7 weeks! Time has gone by really fast... In one week I'll be off to Stockholm once more, this time with all my things! On Friday I finally got an assignment to sketch a bunch of dresses for a company not actually tied to the one I work with, which is actually kind of exciting. We'll see how it goes :)
On the 13:e I will be going to the Modemässan (Fashion.. convention?) i Älvsjö! If you're interested you should check it out :)

Wednesday, August 3

Just in case...

You're in the U.S, Take the Day is about to start their tour! Check out their Facebook, listen to their music and maybe go see them party it up on stage :) tour dates and locations are available on their page.