Thursday, April 28

Best Coffee Ever

A local place called Cappuccino makes the loveliest coffee. My fave:

Café Diablo = half coffee, half chocolate

Wednesday, April 27

Love Vacation

My no-charge topless maid ;)
Love you, Dad!

Palma!: The View

Full sun and expected 24° weather! Who am I to complain? :)

Birds of Paradise: I just really love these flowers. This one looked most like a bird.

Tuesday, April 26


I made it! Sitting on my balcony right now at the flat my parents rented for the week. SO beautiful. I will post pictures up tomorrow when it's sunny. The view overlooks a boat harbour. Love it! My feet are sore from traveling and my throat is swollen from being sick but I guess this makes up for it :)

Monday, April 25

Sjuk :(

I'm supposed to go to Mallorca tomorrow and I'm feeling quite sick! Not good. I don't want to miss a week's holiday in the sun with my family. I've been packing in hopes that I'll feel better by tomorrow but there are no guarantees... rather upsetting. Stupid flu symptoms.

Saturday, April 23


Massive hangover. Crazy night last night. Involving broken sofas, beer pong, dubstep and strip ping pong. Absolutely exhausted. Long night!
It's unbelievably gorgeous weather today again. The rest of the week is looking fabulous so let's enjoy it, Stockholm! Well, you go enjoy it, I'm going to continue napping and drinking water with painkillers :P

Comfy, casual and good homey fun.

Thursday, April 21

Wednesday, April 20


I am now back home in Sweden. The weather is surprisingly nice however I do find myself still wishing I was in London! It is still very lovely to see family and not have to feed myself :)
Today I decided to do a clean install of Snow Leopard because my mac was so glitchy and needed the upgrade. Despite having backed up everything on my time machine, it seems it didn't back up all my photos. Since Snow Leopard doesn't have iPhoto I won't find out until I get my iLife disk from the US to reinstall it but if I have lost my photos I will be ruined! There were so many there...I just assumed Time Machine backed up everything...*siiigh*

I hate you Time Machine...

Tuesday, April 19


Time to say good-bye to London. I leave for my flight in 4 hours. How sad. Now I must maneuver my way around Central London with two heavy bags in the hopes of not crushing any toes and safely making it to my destination on time. Oooh this should be interesting...

Monday, April 18

Finale :)

Weekend finale! Sadly I leave for Sweden tomorrow. Fortunately I hear the weather is quite nice so it won't be terrible. And in about one week's time I'm off to Mallorca for a weekend :). I spent my final weekend partying a stable (ha I know) but we got to rent our own stall with a stripper pole and a bouncer. Good fun!

Despite leaving tragically soon, I will return soon for my entrance exams to uni and hopefully make a couple more good memories before leaving again until september for school!

Monday, April 11

Mmm, Breakfast

Celebrating my first Monday morning with no work :). It really is the simple things in life.

Sunday, April 10

Final Happy Day

So I have finally completed my last day of my internship. It's hard to believe it's already been a month. My computer crashed two hours before my internship ended because it was an ancient PC (pssht, go Mac!). It seemed quite appropriate.
I spent my Friday at a delicious italian restaurant where the waiter brought us two free lemoncello shots (amazing but we had no idea why) and getting (half free) drinks at my favourite bar with my favourite lady and had a lovely night celebrating. It was just an overall fantastic discounted evening :)
Today I think I will perhaps go visit Primrose Hill as it was suggested by the girls at my work before I left. And on Thursday, back to cold Stockholm. The idea of leaving behind 20°C sunny weather for cold and rain is quite depressing.
Anyway, more to be posted!

Saturday, April 2


There's so little a lady could love more :)

End of Week, Once More

The weekend is back! Which is why I have time to write again. A week full of the usual spread sheets, short lunch breaks and long hours. Fortunately, there are a couple things to cheer me up.
New buys from Zara. It saddens me I couldn't buy about another 100 things :P There are also a pair of tan boots that weren't on the website.