Saturday, April 21

Oh, Luxury

Palma is definitely the home to many a wealthy fellow. The ports lined with million Euro yachts and the streets lined with million Euro cars. Needless to say the breath-taking homes speak for themselves, lined with marble and big glass windows. This cosy little island of luxury is a place to be appreciated!

Yachts in the port

Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes, Mercedes - Fancy!

Wednesday, April 18

New Ring :)

It's always nice to find a piece of jewelry unique, adorable and fashionable all at the same time. Nothing beats a little kitty hugging your finger :)

Tuesday, April 17

Palma de Mallorca!

After spending one month in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin enjoying warm weather and spending a few weekends with my wonderful man, I have moved my residence to Palma, Spain for the next 2 months! With slightly cool, but wonderfully sunny days, I am settling into a cute flat with a big terrace overlooking hills of houses, trees and a sprawling ocean.

View from my window :)

And, of course, food! I have had some of the most wonderful food here including a pizza in the shape of the heart (because the waiter thought my mother and I were pretty girls :).)

Beef carpaccio with garlic alli-oli and ruccula, baked goat cheese with grilled veggies and mussels in white wine with diced vegetables.

JG Styles

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