Saturday, July 30


My very first time making banana bread turned out delicious! A great success :)

Wednesday, July 27


To myself. Yesterday was my birthday. Unfortunately it was very dull and lonely and quite uneventful. Worked all day. My afternoon was a little better. Walked to Nelly Outlet and bought myself a few birthday gifts :) and went to a lovely tapas restaurant with a friend. I will celebrate with family this weekend which is something to look forward to!

Dress: 50kr
Boots: 140kr

Blouse: 199kr

Total cost: 388kr. Worth it? I think so :) Happy birthday to me!

Thursday, July 21


Soon it's my biirthdaaay! I'm getting old. For now I am returning back to Stockholm to spend a weekend with friends and enjoy myself. Work is moving swiftly and soon my position will come to and end and my life continues. I finish work the 15 august and hopefully go to the US for a couple weeks to visit friends and then onwards I continue!..quite possibly to China :O but more on that later! Gotta pack for my travels :) taking an unfortunate 3 trains and 5 hours.

A little sketch done on a quiet day at work.

Tuesday, July 12

For those of you..

Who are majorly sick of Facebook (as I have become as it gradually has more and more faults and glitches because the techies have nothing better to do with their over-paid time), give Google Plus a go!

Monday, July 11


Adorable new necklace! Apparently some Japanese character that the woman was convinced will be the next big fad in Sweden hehe.
Bought it at one of the stands in Kungsträdgården. Go check them out! Fun stuff. They had some funny street performers too :)

Sunday, July 10

On my way back....

Heading back to Borås... it will be my first week without the head designers in the office (as half of Sweden, they are on vacation). Big step!

Saturday, July 9


Nothing is better than spending a hot afternoon in a lovely park in downtown Stockholm with a delicious fruit smoothie and a friend.

Friday, July 8

Home for the weekend!

Back in Stockholm for the weekend! and to celebrate I sunbathed for 3 hours and enjoyed an ice cold gin and tonic before a homemade dinner by yours truly. This is what summer should really be! Unfortunately it is supposed to be cloudy tomorrow, so I will only get so much tan before I'm stuck back in an office (which isn't all bad considering my design job).
For now, it's time to relax and enjoy a full tummy and a lovely sunset.

Great to watch!:


Comfy comfy, so comfy. Must have...

Wednesday, July 6

So it's been a while...

Haven't written in a while. My work is going well. If any samples of my designs are made I'll be sure to post them :) Unfortunately it's no glamourous clothing, more so kids clothes and sportswear, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. My studentrum has become a little more homey now which is nice.
Today I spent my afternoon reading a book in the park down the street from me. It's so beautiful weather! Everyone should be outside today.