Saturday, May 25

Four Days in Spain

Spent a wonderful four days in Spain with my dad last weekend at our home. With final hand-in fast approaching before the summer holiday starts, I really needed some time to relax. The days largely consisted of sunbathing, schoolwork whilst sunbathing and eating whilst sunbathing. Not a bad way to spend a weekend in May with sun and 25°C every day!

Homemade lunch with my dad

The sunset over our view

Down by the port

The view from the fish restaurant

Sunday brunch

Monday, May 6


A friend of mine has recently opened a fabulous Stockholm-based accessories company with truly one-of-a-kind beautiful pieces! Go check them out at KMLR or show your support and like/follow them on Facebook or Tumblr!

FroYo Necklace  899SEK

Gold Bug Necklace  799SEK

Queen B  649SEK

For more products, check out their website and get them while they last!

Saturday, May 4

Oh, Spring

Oh how the fashion world does slay me with their never-ending treats for the eyes. Zara's got themselves a spring delight as always. To see more fantastic styles to drool over, check out their Facebook page or toss out that hard-earned pay check on some fabulous new style!

Overalls ♥

Blacks and pastels

Denim overalls are back!

Wonderful skort (shorts in back, skirt in front!)

Love plaid

(Images of Zara, I do not take credit for them☺)

Friday, May 3


In case there weren't enough reasons to impatiently await summer's arrival. Just got my new Bandana Print Knot Cut Out Bandeau Suit from ASOS !