Tuesday, May 29

London College of Fashion

I finally received my letter of acceptance! So very exciting for me. I actually got it a week or two ago but better late than never :). I start end of September and get to spend a lovely 4 years (3 excluding work year) studying Fashion Design and Development in the heart of the wonderful city of London. Woo for me! <3 Now I just gotta cross my fingers I can get a dorm room....heh heh.

Sunday, May 27

Mallorca Photography

Some randomly taken and randomly edited photos I took in Palma de Mallorca. It really is such a beautiful place! There was a wedding taking place where my dad and I were walking so I stole a couple shots :).

Please note that while my photography may not be professional or perfect, they are still copyrighted to me and any use of them must be with my consent. Thank you.

Thursday, May 17

Take the Day: Battle of the Bands 2012

Show your support as this band hits the big stage in Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards: Battle of the Bands 2012!
Check out their page and give them some feedback. The more love the better!

Billboard Music Awards

Also check in on their Facebook page for tour updates and more, and for those of you with an account, Take the Day is available on Spotify.

Tuesday, May 15


In-between my days in sunny Mallorca, I took a quick week trip to Stockholm. Surprisingly enough, the weather was quite nice and all the trees were in bloom. Unfortunately I didn't have my Nikon with me to take some decent photos so phone pictures had to suffice.

Our purpose for going was my grandfather's 85th birthday. We celebrated with a variety of outstanding dishes prepared by my mother and grandmother, and finished with two of my homemade cakes :)

Friday, May 4


Nails can be a wonderful accessory! I love to play around with ideas, basic, new and daring. A couple snapshots of my latest experiments. I'm still only a newbie at nail painting with no special kits or tools, I think I can still get by! Just gotta be creative :)