Tuesday, November 29

A little treat

A little treat for myself because I'm such a hard worker ;) and I'm getting sick... My computer is finally working after having a major meltdown in which I had to replace the hard drive, which is always fun. So in order to make myself feel better, I did a little shopping at The Venetian with a work client from Norway. Just some basic necessities (of course) from Zara

Monday, November 21

Formula 3 Grand Prix!

After a calm saturday, I spiced up my weekend by attending the Formula 3 races that occur every year in Macau at the end of november. We watched the standard car races, motorbike races and the F3 races. I've never been to a large-scaled car race before so this was a new experience and an awesome one at that. Loud noises, fast cars, screaming fans, girls in bunny costumes (for the men, of course) and crazy wipeouts. What's there not to love? :)

Wipeout aftermath

Wednesday, November 16

Workin' workin'

After spending yesterday in the Zhuhai factory, today is the first day heading back to the office after 2 weeks of working at home. As sad as I am to not be working at home today, it's nice to make an effort and dress in something else than mjukisar :)

Monday, November 14

Troubled Love

So I remember probably in 2007 going into NK in Stockholm, Sweden one day. I hated shoe shopping at the time but stumbled across a pair of boots that captured my attention and first introduced me to Marc Jacobs. These boots seem quite disliked and many people find them distasteful but I can't help but love their uniqueness. However strong my admiration may be, the possibility of purchasing these twins on the internet these days is anything but possible. I've searched thru Ebay, Amazon, all of Google and whatever else I could think of to no avail. If anybody knows of a place to buy them, new or used, leave a comment :).

Marc by Marc Jacobs zipper boots

Friday, November 11


My last two weeks have been spent working from home so I haven't had much to blog about. I have, however, been introduced to a documentary thru a friend that absolutely captivated me and is a must-see for anybody interested in fashion and/or photography. Bill Cunningham is an very inspirational figure and this documents his life, his passion, his inspiration and his love for the world of fashion. I simply can't emphasize enough how fantastic this doc is :)

Saturday, November 5

New 'Do!

Went into Zhuhai today for a relaxing saturday after lunch at the Galaxy hotel with my boss and got my hair permed into curls! I apparently was the first foreigner to ever go in there so I had about 5 hairdressers come up just to feel my hair. A little weird...I felt like a scientific discovery.