Friday, February 25

Hours Forward!

Well it seems I have still had no luck with a place to rent out. Many many hours have gone by. On a brighter note I successfully designed the logo for a friend's band. After their EP is completed I will upload a sample. Very good music. iTunes download will be available!
There's a little talk of a weekend trip to Mallorca after my internship with my family, which would be fantastic! I could go with a sunny vacation. Yes please. I've started the process of job searching for this summer too. Back to the US I will go. Much to be done!

New shoes. Now they're no Jimmy Choo's, but they sure were on sale :)

Rizzo snake print flats

Tuesday, February 22

My New Loves

My new must haves... :) One can dream, right?
Hunter Jimmy Choo Rain Boots


Time is passing. I am searching for studio apartments in London. Despite having found a few, I'm getting no responses back. In the meantime I am also awaiting school acceptance responses. How thrilling. It's snowing again in Sweden. However beautiful, I would like some green grass too!! I move to London in a couple of weeks, when, hopefully, I will have a place to stay :) oh joy.

Tuesday, February 15


Back home in Sweden now after a very, very early journey from Heathrow to Arlanda. Enjoyed a lovely home-made dinner with a friend here and, much to my father's dismay, observed it has snowed an enormous amount since I left for London. Though this doesn't upset me as I love the snow, a little bit of sunshine and green grass couldn't hurt.
Short and sweet for tonight, I am quite exhausted. Tomorrow I continue with school applications and flats for my internship in London! Wohoo!

Sunday, February 13

Up's and Down's

Busy, busy. I've been up and about all day every day. Friday I went to the Tower of London to sight-see with Bridget, enjoying some cliché fish 'n' chips beforehand (delicious!). Party night was a bit disappointing because the music was no good.
Saturday was spent walking a bit around Kensington Palace. We didn't go in because all the dresses and jewels for the "princess tour" (yes, that's what we wanted), were temporarily in another exhibit, so instead we went to the V&A museum and spent an hour drooling over a different room of jewels, gowns and sculptures.
Unfortunately I got my camera stolen at the club last night so I spent most of it worrying about how my dad would kick my ass. Fortunately, it will work out. Haha...

Tower of London!

Fish 'n' Chips

Friday, February 11

In the Eve...

After a day full of tears and joy (exaggerated), we went to a mexican bar. Very authentic, very delicious. While we did eat some delicious food, I'd have to say the most memorable was the chili tequila. Delicious, but horribly spicy. The bartender kept feeding us free shots (I guess that's what you get for being so good looking? ;) ). He knew the guy we went with so that may've helped too hehe. Today Bridget and I will be doing a bit of sight-seeing so I'm off to get ready!

Thursday, February 10


So despite waking up this morning feeling violently ill, then leaving two hours early for my interview and getting lost 45 minutes north of where I was supposed to be, leading me to be an hour late, I STILL got the internship :). Great success! The weather here is an unfortunate combination of rain and cold winds. This, however, does not dampen my happiness, smiling like a fool on the whole train ride home (whereupon I didn't get lost!).
So despite up's and down's, today was all in all a good day. As a reward, Bridget and I are going to a lovely dinner. Mexican! How fancy ;).

Wednesday, February 9

London, Baby!

Today I'm off to London to spend the weekend with my best lady, Bridget, who's doing an exchange programme for the semester. I have an interview for an internship at an advertisement company coming up tomorrow *crosses fingers*.
We'll be shakin' London to the ground. More to come...

Tuesday, February 8

A Little Bit of Old Photography (More to be added)


My first post. Blogs are becoming popular so I thought I'd get myself one to try it out. This is just a test post for now.
As a summary, I live in Sweden (borde jag skriva på svenska da?) as a current intern for a Scandinavian company called Power Plate Nordic. I have studied art for 2 years at a university in the U.S and now am looking to transfer to England to study Public Relations. Wohoo
I guess I can upload some of my photography and art for entertainment's sake.