Sunday, April 28

Vogue Festival 2013

Amazing weekend at Vogue Festival 2013 in London! With lots of activities and high-class fashionistas running this way and that, there was a lot to see between the much-anticipated talks by all the major names in fashion. After having purchased tickets over a month ago, I was not disappointed by the fascinating interviews. I personally got to sit through Paul Smith, Michael Kors and Donatella Versace. Not a bad way for a fashion student to spend her days off!

Day 1 

Gorgeous London


3 genuinely fantastic and fascinating people

Good weekend :)

A Day at the Park

With finals beginning before the new term does (yes you heard right) it's nice to take a day to relax when London offers some warmth and sunshine for a change.

All great park days begin at a pastry shop

Lovely London neighbourhoods by the park

Holland Park Japanese-inspired gardens


Girls day

Eating treats <3 

Aaah, the great outdoors.

Sunday, April 21

Home Away from Home

Definitely a new place I can get used to. Relaxing at our new home in Palma de Mallorca. The perfect get-away from the rain and stress that London loves to cause.

Dinner during a gallery showing

The view

The relaxation

The view 2

When the Weather's Right and the Sun is Bright

Nothing beats London when the sun is shining. A beautiful visit to Green Park, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and Marble Arch with my dad. Perfect.