Tuesday, February 11

PURE London

This weekend was the big PURE London Fashion Exhibition in West London. With big brands like Poppy Lux, Neon Rose, Forever Unique and more showing off their quality stock for the buyers of the UK. I was privileged enough to attend this exhibition as a sales model for a new upcoming brand Dirty Martini, and preexisting label Dead Lovers. You can check out some of their crazy print styles on ASOS and in Topshop.
Despite all the fun and wonder of the fashion surrounding us all, there was not enough distraction to make my feet forget the 18 hours I spent in 6" heels. I'm still recovering feeling in 4 toes and the balls of my feet and I have my delightful flatmate carrying me around from room to room. Ha ha. It was, overall, a wonderful experience regardless!

One half of the Olympia exhibition hall

Forever Unique

Dead Lovers


Dead Lovers stand

Dirty Martini Stand

 The feet-slayers

Summing up our weekend (and my final moments in those shoes)

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